Program committee

Paolo Bonzini (chairman)

Distinguished Engineer - Red Hat

Paolo Bonzini works on virtualization for Red Hat, where he is a Distinguished Engineer. He is currently the maintainer of the KVM hypervisor and a contributor and submaintainer for QEMU.

Daniel Berrangé

Senior Principal Software Engineer - Red Hat

Daniel is a Senior Principal Software Engineer, working in a variety of roles at Red Hat over the last 22 years. Since 2006, he has been specialized in the development of technologies related to virtualization management, as lead developer of Libvirt, GTK-VNC, Libvirt Perl, Libvirt GObject and Libvirt Sandbox, and contributor to the Xen, KVM, oVirt and OpenStack projects. Daniel is a passionate believer in the value of open source software and the benefits it brings to the world. Daniel is also creator and maintainer of the Bichon GitLab terminal code review application, and the Entangle remote camera control & capture software.

Christian Bornträger

Senior Technical Staff Member - IBM

Christian is the chief product owner for Linux on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE. He has contributed to the Linux kernel, KVM, QEMU, valgrind, gdb and other projects, and is now responsible for the development team working on kernel, toolchain and KVM. In his role as maintainer for KVM on s390x he is also looking into KVM across architectures.

Alexander Graf

Principal Software Engineer - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Alexander currently works at AWS and is responsible for the Nitro Hypervisor. Previously, he worked on QEMU, KVM, openSUSE / SLES on ARM and U-Boot. Whenever something really useful comes to his mind, he implements it. Among others he did Mac OS X virtualization using KVM, nested SVM, KVM on PowerPC, a lot of work in QEMU for openSUSE on ARM and the UEFI compatibility layer in U-Boot.

Peter Maydell

Emulation Specialist - Linaro

Peter works for ARM, but has been seconded into Linaro since 2011 to handle all things ARM in QEMU, including CPU architecture emulation, support for KVM virtualization on ARM servers, and herding an ever-increasing number of board, SoC and device models. Before that he worked for a small company on an embedded OS and JITting Java virtual machine; watching a decade of work vanish when the company went under was a compelling argument for the merits of working on open source codebases.

Karen Noel

Senior Director, Core Platforms - Red Hat

Karen is the director for the Virtualization, Networking, File Systems and Storage teams in Red Hat’s Core Platforms department, which is responsible for developing Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Fedora. Her team of developers contributes to a wide variety of technologies in the Linux kernel as well as in userspace, including the KVM hypervisor, QEMU, Libvirt, as well other KVM related open source projects.

As an engineer for Digital and HP, Karen worked on operating system kernels and the Integrity VM hypervisor (Intel IA-64) and joined Red Hat as an engineering manager in 2011. Karen holds a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA degree from the University of New Hampshire.

Oliver Upton

Staff Software Engineer - Google

Oliver currently works in Google Cloud, focused on virtualizing the ARM architecture and co-maintaining KVM/arm64. Prior to KVM he worked on embedded systems and ISP device management protocols.

Kevin Wolf

Senior Principal Software Engineer - Red Hat

Kevin Wolf works at Red Hat as a KVM developer, with a focus on block devices. He is the maintainer of QEMU’s block subsystem and has contributed many patches to block device emulation and image format drivers. After graduating in Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany in 2008 he worked on Xen’s block layer for a year before he started working on KVM for Red Hat in 2009.