KVM Forum 2023

Kata Containers - State of the Union
2023-06-14, 10:00–10:15 (Europe/Prague), Room 1

In this presentation the Kata Containers architecture committee members would like to talk about what's been going on with the project since the last presentation in the KVM Forum 2021, more specifically focusing on: * runtime-rs, the Kata Containers runtime with its embedded VMM, the benefits and challenges it brings to the users and community * The shift towards confidentially, as in consuming Confidential Computing technologies, the challenges faced and the benefits it will bring to the community * Plans for the next major release

See also: Presentation slides

Fabiano Fidêncio is an immigrant working as a virtualization & containers developer, who happens to be a member of the Kata Containers Architecture Committee, who has a penchant for music, abstract tattoos, open source, old games, pigs, and goats.